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About company

Mr Ladislav Hemrlík, designer, craftsman, entrepreneur and a driving force behind Hemr leather handicraft is introducing himself to you.

I had been interested in and attracted by leatherwork from young age and I decided to go to the vocational school and graduated as a bag craftsman - saddler. Later, I continued my studies at the technical high school with the specialization in leather haberdashery, bags and luggage and sport balls in town of Třebechovice pod Orebem.

With diploma in hand, I got my first job as a technologist at Sněžka Náchod company, in a manufacturing workroom in town of Rokytnice v Orlických horách.

In year 2000 I decided to start my own enterprise and that is how and when Hemr brand and company came to existence. We are young, family owned company and we design and produce original leather products of the highest quality with the goal to create a wide range of best quality, hand-made products of unmistakable design not seen anywhere else. While choosing raw materials we settle for no less than finest quality from reputable and certified suppliers. The beautiful nature and surroundings of the Orlické hory mountains, in whose heart our company resides, gives us the inspiration and energy for our work. Amongst our many products are original leather bags belts, straps and accessories for musicians and music lovers. However, we set no limits for us and our products and we are able and willing to create and make any leather product, according to customer‘s requests and needs. And last but not least, we are very keen to present our craft to wider audience, expand our customer base into all corners of the world and we‘re confident that we can succeed in this quest, armed with our knowledge, skills and quality of work and materials in manufacturing process.

We use hides, leather and skins sourced locally or imported from reputable suppliers who can guarantee the quality of supplied material. Imperfections and wrinkles are part of leather‘s natural beauty and proof of authenticity of material used for production and that‘s what makes it popular with true connoisseurs.

The materials used by our workshops are leather hides from cattle, pigs, calves, goats and other animals, but we‘re also able to fulfil special customer requests and wishes and use specific leather hides from other animals and sourced from all corners of the Earth.

We could design and make our products simple and elegantly understated or decorate them with all sorts of exotic skins, furs and leathers or all kind of ornaments. For that purpose we use not only wide variety of furs, from wild boars, rabbits, deer, deer stags, fallow deers but also exotic snakes, fish and reptiles skins. In addition we could decorate our products with stones, roots, exotic wood and other materials applied to different areas of our products in natural harmony with beautiful leather.

Our aim is to try to satisfy all wishes and requirements of our customers and create unique and beautiful products that are not only practical, durable and elegant, but also very harmonious in combination of materials sourced from nature, prepared, put together and finished by hand.

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