Karlos Luxe no.2 | Ladislav Hemrlík - Designer & Crafter

Karlos Luxe no.2

  • Dimensions of the wooden shelf length 50, 80, 110 cm
  • width 22 cm
  • thickness 3 cm
  • material: massive ash
  • total weight of the shelf 3- 4,8- 6,6 Kg
  • dimensions of leather straps width 2.5 cm
  • hinge length 33 cm
  • thickness of leather 0,4 cm
  • 100% cow hide leather
  • Hand made in Orlické hory
  • Natural color

88 EUR

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At the Karlos LUXE Policle I used a massive ash with a thickness of 3cm. At the same time, I allowed the shelf to impart a total of 2 coats of natural oil The shelf is hung on leather straps with a thickness of 4 mm and a width of 25 mm.

The length of curtains from anchoring to the top of the shelf is 33 cm, enough space for your important necessities .... The starting material is cow hide leather smoothie in a natural finish.

Hinge edges are trimmed, sanded, polished and waxed. I fired a decorative line along the perimeter of the belt belts.

The shelf is suspended using 2 screws that are not part of the package.

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