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Bag Taffi

  • width 35 cm
  • height 34 cm
  • depth 8.5 cm
  • handle length 45-90 cm leather from Czech tannery
  • nickel plating
  • 100% manual
  • processing Made in the Orlické Mountains
  • color of cognacs

148 EUR

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More information

I designed and produced this model with a sense of simplicity and practicality. To make this model of cables, I used a unique calf from Czech tanneries, which focuses on the production of exclusive calves with a natural surface - that is, the surface is not modified in any way. The cable will change over time and get a beautiful patina.

In short, he will live with you.

At the moment, I have only patterned the cable in cognac, but I can also produce it in a different color design. If you like the short handlebars, but at the same time you will appreciate the longer handles, this model will allow you to. The pin-shaped fitting will help you to extend the length of the handle a few times.

The buckles are hidden, they will not interfere with the insertion of documents or other necessary necessities of daily necessity. On the back of my handbag I found a useful pocket for your phone, wallet and other things.

At the top of the back, I envisioned and found a tiny double-pocket, again for valuable little things. I have solved the cables by means of 2 push-buttons, a simple click and the cable closes. Similarly, I went to the party that could be done. The cable is not lined. I wish you a comfortable use of Taffi cables. Let him serve you and make you happy.

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