Leather Pick Bronze collection nature | Ladislav Hemrlík - Designer & Crafter

Leather Pick Bronze collection nature

  • dimensions 28 mm * 30 mm
  • leather thickness 2.5 mm
  • italian grain leather
  • 100% handmade
  • made in the Eagle Mountains
  • Czech Republic
  • color nature


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More information

Our leather picks are made from 100 % vegetable tanned nature cow hide leather.

Picks are carved from cow hide leather. We imprint our logo on the obverse (with thermo-printing), the edge of the picks is not trimmed. The leather picks are unique for their appearance and mainly for their specific sound.

We recommend this type of picks to musicians who use nylon strings (guitar, ukulele and others).

The unique sound might found its fans amongst the people who look for original (alternative) sound for their playing technique.

Special notice for musicians who use metal strings - the sound is slightly different (subdued) from regular nylon picks.

Also the amount of deterioration is much higher. We are sure this type of leather picks will found its music supporters and fans.

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