Guitar strap Hemr. LE no. 20 | Ladislav Hemrlík - Designer & Crafter

Guitar strap Hemr. LE no. 20

  • Limited edition
  • width 7 cm
  • length 122- 136 cm
  • italian grain leather
  • 100% handmade
  • made in the Czech Republic
  • Eagle Mountains
  • color : black
  • packaged in a luxurious package


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More information

Genuine guitar strap with hand-made jewelery. The jewel is hand-made from stainless steel and attached to the front sterling of the guitar strap.

The strap is extended and shortened using a leather strap.

The variable length is from 122 cm to 136 cm. For all Hemr guitar straps we take care of the edge edges. Cut the edges manually, polish the whole circumference and then color them to the desired shade. The edged edge is smooth, comfortable and does not cause a snag.

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